Weekend events could stimulate BG economy

By Justin Michaels - 
Posted by Nick Dutton -

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - Between the National Tractor Pull and move-in weekend at BGSU, as many as 90,000 extra folks are in Bowling Green this weekend.

Most folks agree this big weekend means a lot to BG, but a study on the economic impact of this weekend hasn't been done.

Several tractor pull fans and BGSU parents say the average amount they'll spend each day is around $200. Multiplied by roughly 90,000 people and that's a potential economic impact of $18 million.

Watch the attached video for the complete report.

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[cg in 0:28 to 0:36:2-name title\ken devall\tractor pull patron]
[cg in 0:48 to 0:53:2-name title\wade burton\bg resident]
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"there's a lot of money changes hands this weekend."
Lots of people are meaning big business for the city of bowling green...
"we do expect all the restaurants and the retail and all our hotels to be very busy this weekend."
It's national tractor pull weekend and student move in weekend at b-g-s-u.
and the 90-thousand people that come with those events are fueling an economy that has seen it's fair share of trouble in the past few months because people are spending money.
"probably... On a daily basis... Probably about a..... Any given tractor pull, $150 maybe $200."
a retiree seeing a boost from the influx of patrons is wade burton.
he wouldn't tell me out much he makes this weekend, but any car he parks for the tractor pull is a lincoln in his pocket.
"i'm retired and it gives me a little bit of extra income of course but more than that it's the people that i enjoy."
While across town, just off campus, BG favorite, the Cookie Jar is welcoming students and their parents with open arms.
"an emmence, emmence out poor of money and support into the community. Everybody's out here to support the students, to support the national tractor pull... It's good for everybody all around."
The Cookie Jar is already making deliveries of dozens to campus and the big move in doesn't start until Saturday.