I-75 reopen after diesel fuel spill

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL)- A stretch of I-75 was a slippery mess for much of the day after a semi leaked diesel all over the road. Police shut down the northbound lanes from Wales Rd. all the way to Collingwood for much of Friday morning.

A FedEx driver hit several orange barrels on I-75 near the Disalle Bridge construction project. Toledo Fire Dept Bat. Chief David Hitt says the barrels got wedged underneath the truck and ripped the diesel fuel line loose.

Toledo firefighters say about 70 gallons of diesel spilled onto the highway making it extremely slippery and dangerous.

"We have to make sure that we clean up the surface.  The second issue is diesel fuel is flammable so we have that issue to address," said Hitt.

Crews used a sandy mixture to soak up the diesel and Ohio EPA officials made sure no diesel spilled into the drainage system.

Drivers approaching Wales Rd. had no choice but to find other ways around.

Six hours after the spill, ODOT reopened the outer lane of traffic.

Hitt says spills have happened before, but usually during the daytime it's not too bad because there's normal traffic on the highways.

No one was hurt because of the spill.

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