City of Toledo files lawsuit against property owner

By Lisa Rantala -
Posted by Nick Dutton -

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Neighbors have been complaining for weeks about illegal dumping by the owner of an industrial property in the 1100 block of Grand Ave. and 1900 block of Hoag St..

K. LaVerne Redden says Haythorne Properties is a danger and a real eyesore. She's mad about the property a block from her home and had told the mayor and her city council representative all about it.

"I look across at this ugliness, at this hollow, black, burned up hole. I drive around the corner to go to work and it just looks disgusting," says Redden.

The City of Toledo sent notice to HEI properties saying clean it up or pay a $500 fine. When nothing had been done, the city decided to file suit.

"I'm appalled. I'm really appalled and I'm upset," says Redden.

The Department of Neighborhoods claims that the debris, rubbish and excessive concrete creates noise, congestion and dust for neighbors.

"What on earth? That's the kind of stuff... that's supposed to go to a dump. This is not a dump. We live here," Redden says.

HEI describes itself as a recycling center, but the city is requesting a restraining order for them to clean up the site and stop dumping.

But not all neighbors agree. In fact, some call the lawsuit bullying from the city.

Neighbor Willie Johnson doesn't find it dangerous. He says the city doesn't want the small man to make money.

But for Redden, she finally has hope. "Wonderful. Somebody is doing something. Excuse me city, but maybe you are listening to us."

The Lucas County judge did grant a restraining order Thursday afternoon.

A representative from HEI says he'll wait for the registered letter from the courts regarding this complaint.

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