Toledo police recapture escaped prisoner

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Deb Glasser.

Much to the surprise of workers at The City Paper, Crapsee made his way onto their office rooftop.

"I was sitting at my desk working really hard and all of a sudden there was a pounding coming from the sunroof. Then all these policemen ran up 'there's a guy on the roof', then chaos," says The City Paper's Erin Kanary.

The head of the work release program is pleased Crapsee was quickly spotted.

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Workers at an uptown Toledo business received quite a shock Thursday.

A man climbed onto the rooftop at the City Paper office on the corner of Adams and 12th.

It all started around 10:30 a.m. Thursday when authorities say Christopher Crapsee escaped from Lucas County work release.

"We were attempting to detain him in the facility, subsequent to that he fled the building," says

"We put notice out to sheriff's department and court deputy staff they found him on the roof after a tip came from one of the individuals that he scaled the ladder outside the building," says Gasser.

A fire ladder truck was needed when Crapsee refused to come down on his own. He was escorted to jail after he was brought down.

"We will be requesting he'd be indicted for escape, there may be some additional charges," says Gasser.

While nobody was hurt in the incident, it provided folks with quite a memorable morning.

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