EcoTrack 11: Gadget saves Toledo business money -- and energy

By Chris Vickers -
Posted by Nick Dutton -

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Caress Car Wash is a Toledo business looking to save energy by improving efficiency.

Owner Terry Loar says he knows energy costs are going up. He hired an energy consultant to lower costs and help the environment.

Energy Consultant Len Ferrara believes folks can better use the current energy that's produced with a special device.

"So we have a unit that is sized for this motor, I am going to turn that on and as you can see the reading is about 5.6 and now the amperage is 1.4. That is direct savings," says Ferra.

The device works for homes and businesses utilizing non-productive electrical current that is  paid for, but is not used.

"What we are doing is we are storing that wasted energy on the Kvar Energy Controller and then releasing it to the motors as needed. Rather than having it being wasted and being fed back through their electric lines and motors as heat," says Certified Energy Consultants' Steve Talmadge.

Talmadge says the businesses focus is to present customers with products that have a quick return on their investment -- allowing them to use all the energy they purchase.

Saving energy, money and the environment is something business owners like Terry can rely on to stay profitable.

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