Ohio ACT scores slightly above national average

By Tanieya Lewis -
Posted by Nick Dutton -

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - ACT researchers have released test scores and predictions for the class of 2009. They found less than a quarter of American kids are ready for college. Ohio performed only slightly better than the national averages.

UT Freshman Jacob Henrick says he doesn't know where to get his books for school and that he's kind of confused.

Researchers at National Standardized Testing Organization predicts most kids aren't ready for the rigors of college.

Based on ACT test results, experts predict that 23 percent of kids will get a C or better in all of their core classes.

Kids that graduated from Ohio high schools are expected to do slightly better with 26 percent making the grade.

But more students will be able to pass at least one core class.

67 percent of kids across the country will get through English, 72 percent of Ohio grads will pass.

In math, scores drop. Nationwide only 42 percent will do well, while 46 percent of Ohio students are expected to pass.

About half of students are ready for reading. And about a third will pass science.

Ohio is preparing for a shift in school focus as it does away with the Ohio Graduation Test.

"You're going to see more conversations happening between high schools and colleges amongst the teachers and administrators in those two settings to make sure that there is a smooth transition," says Anthony Wayne Schools' Dr. Jim Fritz.

But kids know college readiness is their responsibility.

I really didn't pay attention in high school, really. I was a goof-off, the showoff in class. I'm making up for it now," says Henrick.

While ACT scores have improved over the years, researchers believe there is room for growth.

But local school leaders and some students contend that the predictions are only based on the results of one test, taken by a select group of kids.

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