Families Coping: Huner kids reach for life's high-notes

By Melissa Voetsch
Posted by Nick Dutton -

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Huners continue on their path toward financial recovery, trying to keep their family life in tune.

Their parents, Randy and Candy, want to financially support their musical talent, but can't afford to.

"Music is something they can have their whole life. A lot of the stuff you do in school -- it's done after that. Music they can have that their whole life," says Randy Huner.

The Huners are relaunching a family cleaning business, after being forced to close Randy's medical transport business. As they family works to get their family back on track, the boys' music lessons got put on the luxury spending list.

The Huner's say somehow it's all working out. Ben got an unexpected gift of support this summer. He won a $150 scholarship for summer lessons from the Maumee Orchestra Parents. Jacob's cello talent earned him a spot in the Toledo Youth Orchestra.

Other folks' faith in the Huner's family becomes a boost for the family. They see kindness of their community.

"We're very blessed. If we couldn't pay a week, then we just paid the next week or whatever," says Candy Huner.

The Huner's continue to try and reach for the high-notes in life, hoping it will keep the family in tune with what's really important in life.

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