Woman calls Mika to secure vacant home after break in

By Mika Highsmith -

Posted by Nick Dutton - email

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Jacqueline Rodriquez said the vacant house next to her home is a big problem. She said its door has been kicked in and folks know no one lives there; they just hang out inside.

Last Friday, someone broke into Rodriquez's home and entered through a window. She says they cut the screen and two people must have lifted the windows up to get inside.

However, the thieves didn't get away with much, because Rodriquez came home during the break in. She wonders what could have happened if the burglars had been caught off guard.

Rodriquez said with all the unsecured vacant properties nearby, she isn't comfortable in her own home.

"I would like them to board up these houses or get them torn down because it's dangerous," said Rodriquez.

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