Ben Konop's controversial video

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Ben Konop is apologizing after appearing in a controversial video that showed up on YouTube.

The video is a spoof of the famous heckler incident, where a man kept yelling "Boo! Ben Konop! Boo!" while Konop tried to hold a press conference.

It was for a local comedy TV show called "Monkey Dome," airing Saturdays at midnight on local access Buckeye Cablesystem channel 69.

But Konop is certainly not laughing.

In the video, Konop jokingly attacks a heckler. But during the staged fight, you can see an American flag fall to the ground. Later, it's again on the pavement.

"I was deeply offended by it, and disappointed in myself that I was involved in something like that," says Konop.

Konop is apologizing for the video and insisting he never saw the flag.

"I was deeply disappointed in myself for not catching it, and I hope to deal better with these kinds of situations in the future," says Konop. "It was a mistake, and I apologize."

MSB Productions, the local company who makes the show, says it was an accident the flag touched the ground, and they're defending Konop.

"It is very regrettable, and it is a joking matter, that this came out like this," says Dave Jaffe of MSB Productions. "Ben had nothing to do with it, and I'm sure he didn't even see it when it started."

The video was yanked from YouTube after Konop asked it to be taken down.

But Maggie Thurber, former Lucas Co. Commissioner, videotaped it while it was on the Internet and posted it to her blog

We showed to Toledoans to see what they think.

James Thompson says, "There's no excuse for that. That's just poor stupidity on his part, on his behalf."

Others are more understanding.

"If a politician is going to raise an event from that, or someone else, we're looking for the little things. Let's look at the big things. It's not a big deal."

A deeply apologetic Konop says he doesn't consider this a campaign issue, but admits voters will ultimately decide.

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