Consultant findings: Wood Co. Park employees paid too much

Background: In January of this year, Wood County Park Administration staff members from the director down received big pay increases. Some were as high as a 74% increase in pay. The money came from a levy passed by voters the previous March.

WOOD COUNTY (WTOL) - Back in late January, we brought you the story of Wood County Park District staffers getting some big pay raises. One was nearly 75%.

Now, after an independent study, we know those increases were out of line.

One voter we talked to said he and other residents believed the levy money would be going to land acquisition and other improvements. Park District Board President George Thompson says the wage increases were clear. "The pay increases were all included. They were initially approved by the budget commission. It was only when the actual raises were given, that was where there was, quite frankly, an uproar from the public."

Thompson says now that the recommendation has come back showing park district staffers are at least fairly paid, in some cases, overpaid, he'll recommend to his board of three that they pass the recommendation. "I was very surprised that the employees didn't merit some sort of pay increases," said Thompson.

There was no surprise on the part of citizens like the voter we talked to, rather happiness that a vocal public kept their government in check.


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