Owner says country club in Toledo won't be sold

By Jonathan Walsh -
Posted by Nick Dutton -

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The owner of a Toledo country club says a possible auction is not going to happen. Tamaron Country Club on the 2100 block of West Alexis that stretches into Michigan is scheduled to be auctioned off in two weeks.

Owner Tony Fuhrman says he got into some financial trouble with a company partner and chose to take over the company on his own.

Now he's trying to get their finances back on par and wants to reassure those with booked events that they'll be fine.

"I want to make sure that all of our brides that have booked wedding receptions and other functions that they should be rest assured this business will continue. They have nothing to worry about," says Fuhrman.

Neighbor Ed Manuszak says he hopes and prays the owner of the Tamaron Country Club comes up with the finances.

Manuszak has lived here for 25 years in Bedford Township, with the club's fifteenth green just beyond his backyard fence.

He's afraid anyone could buy and develop it; and that his property value could take a hit.

His wife Sandy and their dog Samantha enjoy Tamaron being so close.

"We love the people who own it and run it. They're good neighbors," says Sandy.

Their neighbors tell us they're taking a swing at saving the course and hope to have all the finances in place before the absolute auction. It may be close to the auction day of Aug. 25, but they plan on making that deadline.

Brent Wilson is an auctioneer-broker for Wilson auction and realty company who's handling the scheduled auction. He says as of now the auction is a go until he hears otherwise. There are a handful of interested parties looking to make some green from these greens.

"Regardless of price, it's going to sell and that doesn't happen very often especially in this type of environment," says Wlilson.

The Manuszak hope that auction never finds it's mark. Ed says they love the area and are  concerned about what's happening with Tamaron.

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