GoodNewZ: Temperance family wins kitchen makeover contest

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TEMPERANCE, MICHIGAN (WTOL) - Social networking brings people from around the world together and the Driehorst family has used social networking to win a kitchen makeover.

The Driehorst family has found the "good life" thanks in part to Twitter, Facebook and what will become a brand new kitchen.

The family won Merillat's Good Life kitchen makeover video contest. The $30,000 prize is going to go a long way to improve Amy's kitchen. She found out about Merillat's Good Life video contest on Twitter and joined Facebook to enter.

"We tried to show how we could have the good live with a new kitchen, but we did show some photos in the video of things we definitely do there," says Amy Driehorst.

The Driehorst's video showed what they don't currently have the space for, but would like to do in their kitchen.

Merillat Marketing VP Mark Ayers says the company sees making things easier for one family makes them feel they've done a good thing at the end of the day.

Mike Driehorst says people they don't even know, to thank for the home makeover. He says it's overwhelming, but shows they did a little, but the people who voted for them helped the family win.

Amy may not know exactly how it will turn out, but she has eliminated at least one color scheme. She says their 6-year-old daughter keeps asking if it's going to be pink. Amy told her she doesn't know what color it's going, but it will not be pink.

Now Amy and Mike just have to figure out what they want out of their brand new kitchen.

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