BG realtor says he's seen big increase in home buyers

By Justin Michaels - 
Posted by Nick Dutton -

WOOD COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Could we be seeing the end of the historic slump in the housing market? If you follow home sale trends in Northwest Ohio, the worst may just be in the past.

Rachel Weller has been out of college for three years and just got pre-approved to buy her first home. She says she seen tons of homes for sale.

"I've known a couple people this summer who bought their first home and a lot of people think it's a great time to buy and feel encouraged," says Weller

Andy Newlove of Newlove Reality in Bowling Green has seen a huge increase in the number of buyers and the price sellers are getting for their home. He says it's a great time for buyers, but it's a good time for sellers, because they can get a reasonable price for their property.

For sellers, the "take whatever you can get" housing market of the past year may just be over.

"Before they were hopeful just to get an offer of any kind, but now they're getting an offer, usually it's a fairly good offer," says Newlove.

Michelle Evans says the $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers has definitely helped. She's seen an increase in her home finance business, especially from first time home buyers like Rachel.

"Those first time home buyers really help to stimulate the market because who's ever house they buy, they end up buying something and it's a domino effect," says Evans.

The best way for potential first-time home buyer, to see if they qualify for the $8,000 credit is to contact a realtor or mortgage broker.

Weller says she can't wait to buy a home and the process was easier than she was expected.

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