Toledo police kill murder suspect after high speed chase

Source: Toledo Police
Source: Toledo Police

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Police say a 21-year-old committed murder, stole a car to come to Toledo and pulled a gun on two of his girlfriend's neighbors. After he led police on a high speed chase and fired at police, they say the had to shoot back.

Police say 21-year-old Devon Tyrone Woods shot an killed his ex-girlfriend Candace Cambell in Detroit back in June.

Over the weekend, officials say Wood stole a car and drove to Toledo to visit a new girlfriend over the weekend. That's when he got into a fight with two of her neighbors.

"They came out into the hallway. There was an exchange of words. He pulled out a gun and threatened them," says Chief Navarre.

The neighbors called police, officers spotted his car and they say Woods led them on a three mile chase down Dorr St. at 70 mph before he rammed into Tawana Walker's vehicle and crashed into a pole.

When Officer Eric Board tried to get Wood out of the vehicle, Wood fired a gun but no bullet was in the chamber.

Wood fired two more times while inside the vehicle, then got out and opened fire on police.

"The suspect reached for a gun, pointed at the officer, pulled the trigger," says Chief Navarre.

Police say Woods shot at them twice and when he tried to run, Lt. Mark Collins, Officers Charles Leroux and Diana Trevino returned fire.

Wood was shot up to six times and taken to Toledo Hospital where he was pronounced died.

"We do know that when he fell to the ground, he fired again. It wasn't until that...he dropped to the ground that the officers stopped firing," says Police Chief Mike Navarre. He also says this was an act of self defense on part to the officers and officers are trained to fire and continue firing until the job is complete.

The shooting is under investigation and the four officers have been placed on administrative leave as is standard procedure.

Detroit Police are thanking Toledo Police for making their community a safer place.

Hearing about the police shooting of this Detroit murder suspect, Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans sent this statement.

"I am grateful that the Toledo officers involved in this situation escaped injury.

Clearly, they were able to draw on their training and experience to stop this threat to both of our communities.

Citizens should be thankful to them, and to all officers, who put themselves in harm's way every day."

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