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T's back to school shopping time... A time that for retail stores... Only comes second to the joys of christmas shopping...

<yep getting ready for back to school whoo hoo!>

But this year the july retail sale numbers are just one sign of a slow back to school shopping rush...

Retail stores are down about 5 percent and almost double that in luxury and department stores.

But for stand alone discount stores like tj maxx back to school customers are flowing in...

<they just have great deals they have a great selection.. My kids like it I like it and we usually find something in there>

And when you talk about resale stores like once upon a child... The atmosphere is booming

<sales have been great we have seen a lot of increase in the last month.. July was absolutely fabulous for us..we have had a lot of people bringing items to sell and in turn going out and buying back to school items>

<as far as school supplies the tough economy has parents trying to stretch their dollars.. dollar stores aren't just an option anymore.. They're the number one choice>

<the way prices are now a days and like I said the way money is coming into the house and I have 4 kids yeah it a lot cheaper>

This dollar tree caught onto the trend quickly and now call themselves the school supplies headquaters..

And for teachers looking for cheap trinkettes that provide a day's worth of good behavior... The dollar store is a winner.

<you can find lots of good things at the dollar store for the kids they get really excited about pencils and you can get candy for the candy jar>

With everyone trying to save a little bit of website like retail-me-not dot com are becoming popular...

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