GoodNewZ with Andrew Z: 94-year-old celebrates first art show

(WTOL) - Art exhibitions can be a dime a dozen, but one recent show at the Wood County Public Library was very unique.

Ninety-four-year-old Ellen Wallace starting signing autographs back in the 1950s. But, now she's signing those autographs at her very first art show.

Wallace takes what she sees from family photographs and magazines and transfers them to canvas.

"I like that and I thank God for the gift that he's given me and I hope to use it for his glory in whatever I do," she said.

The paintings are just her first step into art. She also paints birdhouses that are built by her husband, Rufus. She does glass art. And, in her spare time, she keeps up with technology.

Wallace tells her family, "Don't let what you can't do keep you from what you can do. I can email, and I can smile."

She believes "you can't do anything if you don't try." And her daughter Pat, agrees. "When my mom says you can't do it, you really can, given the right circumstances."

Now, Wallace is trying a lot. She's making her own greeting cards, writing a book and making friends on Facebook.