Toledo City Council meets over recycling rewards program

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TOLEDO (WTOL) - At a meeting Thursday, Toledo City Council discussed a recycling rewards program for trash collection. If approved, the city would pay Recycle Bank $500,000 a year to weigh how much residents recycle curbside.

Recycle Bank was on hand for the meeting and says, on average, residents in other cities are saving $240 a year with plan. The heavier the bin, the more points a resident would rack up, which translates into coupons at area businesses.

But, the savings come at a cost. If council approves the program, they'll also raise garbage collection fees. If you recycle, your fee will jump from $1 a month to $7. If you don't recycle, you'll go from $8.50 a month to $10.

"We're asking for an increase in the trash fee, but they're getting more than twice that, almost three times that, back in monthly coupons, and that's why I'm attracted to this," said City Councilman George Sarantou.

But others are not as convinced.

"I don't want to have to deal with a damn coupon. I gotta figure out how to log in to spend! Let me have my money!" said resident Edwin Nagle.

"Raising the garbage fee in exchange for coupons is lipstick on a pig that remains a pig," said council member Lindsay Webb.

Toledo's budget committee is asking all of council to vote on the plan, which could happen this month.

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