Detectives headed back to work

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Could home break-in victims catch a break now that more laid off Toledo Police Officers are coming back to work?

Property crime investigations took a hit during the layoff of 75 officers this summer.

Thursday, 31 laid off officers are coming back thanks to the COPS grant.

For one west Toledo woman, they're coming back at the right time. Her home, on Douglas Road near Lark, was recently burglarized. She's protecting it with two by fours after what happened Tuesday morning.

Cash from her summer job was stolen, along with checks and two video game systems.

"I have to tell a 2-year-old son that a bad man broke into our house and took his toys," says Starla Cowell.

Thieves also ransacked her two jewelry boxes and stole a treasured ring her late grandmother gave her.

"I have to sit up and I have to make sure that my kids get a good night's sleep."

Toledo Police Captain Ray Carroll says because of the 75 layoffs on MAY 1, 20 of his detectives were re-assigned to street patrol.

That left a gap in investigating property crimes like break-ins.

"There's a lot of that, unfortunately, that we really couldn't follow up on," says Carroll. "Detectives are getting piles and piles of investigations on their desks."

That workload will ease on Monday, when 12 of his detectives return from street patrol to the detective bureau.

8 will be back home at the Property Crimes Unit.

He can't promise every break-in will get extra attention, but it should help people like Starla.

"They deserve to be caught because I am sure they have done it more than just to me."

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