Could everyone's spare change save the economy?

(CBS) - Here is a question that might get you thinking. If we take the spare change we have laying around the house and spend it, can we change the course of our economy? Meaning, if we spend more, can we help stimulate our local economy?

Jorge Estevez talks to one woman who thinks so. She's asking for your help to start a national movement.

The president may have said it best. Maybe this country really does need change -- in the form of coins.

Melinda Lee has started the Change Equals Change movement. This south Florida woman has created a web site and wants you to change the way you bank your coin.

"I thought, 'What if we can use that money and do something good?' The idea was, 'What if we put it back in the economy?" said Lee.


We want to hear from you. Is this a legitimate cause? Could it make a difference? Would you participate? How much spare change do you think you'd find?

We put this change thing to a test. 17-year-old Alex in Fort Lauderdale is going through the house. So we follow Alex to see how much change he could find.

Sometimes he strikes out. Sometimes he strikes it rich. And don't forget the car. The jackpot came in the end. "This is my emergency fund," he said. It had rolls of coins.

Some guesstimate $10 billion to $12 billion is sitting dormant in people's piggy banks, drawers, bowls and sofas.

Alex collected his change and off he went to turn his change into cash at a local bank to do his part to turn around the economy. He collected $530.84.

So what is he going to buy? "Probably some dinner," he tells us.

That is money that would be sitting at home . Do we think the country can do it? Melinda says yes.

One note: Banks say it's easier for them if you don't roll up the change. Instead, just bring it unwrapped in a jar.