Many Perrysburg businesses booming in recession

By Justin Michaels - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

PERRYSBURG (WTOL) - Many areas in northwest Ohio are struggling these days. And then there's Perrysburg.

The city has remained virtually untouched by the economic downturn seen in many other places.

In the midst of a rough economy nationwide, and in between other cities who are seeing big money trouble, Perrysburg appears to be a strong economic oasis.

"We aren't really tied exclusively to the auto industry," said Evans. He said along with the presence of businesses like First Solar, Willard and Kelsey and OI keeps Perrysburg virtually immune to economic downturns.

"Perrysburg, we've always been very conservative with our finances and our hiring. I think that plays a big part of it because we anticipate well, and we adjust our budget to fit that," Evans added.

Prospering business owners in downtown Perrysburg attribute their continued success to the people of Perrysburg. "We're just coming off our busiest month yet, and I actually thought it'd be our slowest month," said Leslie Ansberg, who owns children's shoe store Scoots.

"What I'm finding is that the people of this community really support the community," said Jim Hodulik, owner of Swig.

The city did have to make small cuts in its budget to adapt to the larger suffering economy, but overall Perrysburg is growing and even hiring new full-time employees.

The mayor says the growth and steady prosperity of Perrysburg stems from its people and history. "We've been around since 1816. You know this was a black swamp, so they've always had to work hard. I think that's been a good base for how our community has grown."

The good news seen here in Perrysburg isn't going unnoticed either. The city has been named the best Ohio hometown by Ohio magazine and, most recently, Perrysburg was named one of the 10 best towns for families in Family Circle magazine.