Nuisance home no longer next door

Charles Neal
Charles Neal

By Mika Highsmith - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

CENTRAL TOLEDO (WTOL) - It was vacant on the inside, but the ground outside was anything but empty. Neighbors on the 1300 block of Pinewood in central Toledo who were tired of looking at the mess turned to us.

Problem Solver Mika Highsmith is proof that when we take action, we get results.

Charles Neal works pretty hard to keep a nice home. "To make the value look nice and make the neighborhood look nice," he said.

The home right next door was bringing down those efforts. It was not only vacant as far as tenants go, the home was stripped on the inside and the outside. Neighbors say it had become a dump. Neal said, "They're going to set it on fire." He added, "My gas line is right there."

Neal turned to us. We called the city and got it cleaned up right away.

Checking in a few months later, Neal doesn't have to worry about the issue ever popping up again. "This morning, around 11, the house was being torn down," he told us. The problem no longer exists.

"I'm happy. I'm pleased with the results," said Neal. He added, "Call Mika Highsmith, and you will get action. You will get results."

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