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US general may recommend more troops for Afghan war

WASHINGTON (AP) - There's word that the U.S. general in charge of turning around the war in Afghanistan may ask for more troops, probably including Marines.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal's review of the war isn't due until next month. But several U.S. officials and others familiar with his findings say he's likely to recommend significant changes to U.S. and NATO operations.

A senior U.S. official says the rationale for needing more forces is tied to a new strategy of clearing and holding provinces where Taliban militants have been fleeing after being pushed out elsewhere.


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McChrystal is also likely to recommend rearranging some U.S. and NATO forces to better protect Afghan civilians.

Any request for more U.S. forces would require touchy discussions with Congress and the White House. President Barack Obama approved a surprise addition of 4,000 U.S. trainers this spring, after his earlier announcement of an extra 17,000 combat troops.

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