Your Day: Friday, July 31

Smoke on the Water Ribs: If you are a fan of delicious baby back ribs then this weekend Promenade Park in downtown toledo is the place for you! This years Smoke on the Water Rib-Off kicks off today and runs through the weekend. This years event is sponsored by Columbia Gas with all proceeds going to the Red Cross. For more information Click Here.

Party in the Parking Lot: The Jets are performing tonight at Party in the Parking lot sponsored by the Toledo Club. For more information on the Toledo Club and this weekends event Click Here.

Bobcat Goldthwait: You may remember him as the man who couldn't control the pitch of his voice from the Police Academy movies. Bobcat Goldthwait joined us live in the studio for today's show. He is performing live this weekend at The Funny Bone inside Perrysburg's Levis Commons. For more information on Bobcat Goldthwait including ticket information and showtimes Click Here.