Toledo Hospital closing drug/alcohol treatment center

By Dick Berry - email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

WEST TOLEDO (WTOL) - The Toledo Hospital announced Thursday, July 30 that they are closing the drug and alcohol treatment center.

The twenty workers at the center got their pink-slips. The employees will be able to transfer to other positions in the ProMedica Health Care system.

Closing doesn't mean folks with drug and alcohol problems won't be getting help.

Two factors come into play for the closing of the treatment center: bad economy and third party benefit reimbursement. That's why Toledo Hospital will begin referring drug and alcohol patients to Tennessee-based Arrowhead Behavioral Health. "We decided, if we joined forces, we could create the critical mass of number of patients, provide higher quality, lower cost. Bring greater value to the community or this type of program," said Toledo Hospital President Kevin Webb.

Arrowhead is a 42-bed behavioral health hospital offering inpatient and outpatient counseling and support.

The need for care is there. Toledo Hospital officials say, on any given night, there are five to six patients seeking inpatient treatment and 150 monthly for outpatient treatment.

"Arrowhead was the only other provider in the community that had services similar to ours -- inpatient and outpatient service," said Webb.

A joint relationship like this isn't that unusual in the medical field. Arrowhead already has a similar arrangement with the UT Medical College and St. Luke's. The Toledo Hospital will now do the same.

"Well, I think the same philosophy of care. We sat down. We treated patients the same way they do. Quick response time. Access to patients they have," said Arrowhead Behavioral Health CEO John R. DeBruyne.

Arrowhead will begin accepting patients from the Toledo Hospital on September 1.

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