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WTOL Editorial: Good riddance, Carty

To the great relief of many, Carty Finkbeiner recently announced he is not running for another term as mayor of Toledo. Good.

The past 4 years have not been kind to Mr. Finkbeiner.

He often looked frustrated and sounded befuddled. His tried and true management technique of bluster and bludgeon, no longer worked.

He never seemed to grasp the extent of the unhappiness and frustration that enveloped him. He was impatient and dismissive with critics.

He railed against negative coverage.

While a financial crisis sucked the city of its vitality, he bounded after meaningless awards like his dog Scout chasing a bouncing ball.

When he did grab an award he brought it back to a city that really didn't care. This puzzled him and clearly wounded his ego.

In the end, it was one term too many. Now change will happen. Carty will go away. He should. It is time.

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