Clyde's Warren Brown asks for national attention on cancer cluster -- and gets it

Alexa Brown has been fighting cancer for much of her young life.
Alexa Brown has been fighting cancer for much of her young life.

Watch the attached video for info on how national representatives responded to Warren Brown's plea.

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CLYDE, OH (WTOL) - The Brown family in Clyde has a message for political leaders: Childhood cancer needs a lot more attention.

To prove their point, no matter how painful, WTOL has been allowed to follow the last 6 painful weeks of 11-year-old Alexa Brown's life.

With every tear from family and friends, with every touch of a warm hand, every kiss of compassion, Alexa Brown is surrounded by love as her body is consumed by cancer.

During the weekend of July 4, Alexa Brown's health rapidly deteriorated.

"We are just going hour by hour and day to day waiting to see what occurs in her life," says Alexa's father, Warren.

Warren and the entire family question priorities in federal funding and national cancer benefits, which they say leave children like Alexa out of the equation.

"Unfortunately that's the commentary on funding for kids. Kids have no power. They have no say. They get nothing," Warren said.

Childhood cancer is not as rare as you might think. Recent stats show that at least one child every hour is diagnosed with cancer and that cancer is the chief cause of death by disease in children between the ages of 1 and 14 in the U.S.

It took a few days, but a fighting Alexa found the strength to try and talk, move her arms and even swallow food.

That's not enough, and the Brown family hopes for more -- more help to find a cure for childhood cancer.

"Not just for my child because quite frankly there's nothing that can be done for my child, but for the possibility to put a hold or squash childhood cancer," says Brown.

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