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Residents hot and bothered by suspicious fires

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Posted by Craig Miller

TOLEDO (WTOL) - A suspicious house fire this morning has raised some big concerns for neighbors. 

Flames started shooting out of a house in the 300 block of Western in south Toledo. Neighbors say they weren't the least surprised to find this vacant house on fire this morning.  

"It's scary cause you don't ever know when it's going to happen to your house," Melinda said. "It just seems like they do random houses. It's not like it's targeted or anything like that."

This was the second fire to hit the same house in a few hours. Investigators are not certain if this might be a case of arson.

"Well, I'm not sure... but this second fire was definitely set by someone," Battalion Chief David Hitt said.

These fires are costing the people who live nearby. Residents are becoming alarmed and are having difficulty insuring their homes.

Tina Lyon says the price to insure her property is through the roof so she goes without.

"I don't have insurance right now," said Lyon."Everybody else has to suffer for somebody else's mistake."

Firefighters urge people to be on guard.

"If you ignore it, you're going to have these situations, you know, so if people know you're watching they're going to be less likely to do something like this," said Hitt.

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