UPDATED: EPA testing drinking water in Clyde

By Justin Michaels - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

CLYDE (WTOL) - The Ohio EPA is actively involved now in helping to determine cause of the cancer cluster in Clyde.

Researchers from the state EPA were south of Clyde Wednesday, June 10 doing water testing. "Ohio EPA thought it was a good idea to do some additional testing if we could be of any help in the investigation," said Daniel J. Glomski with the Ohio EPA.

Researchers spent time Wednesday in the Clyde Beaver Creek Reservoir. As part of their normal, Inland Lakes Program testing, they took water and sediment samples of the reservoir to see if there are any chemicals present that may have played a role in the Clyde cancer cluster.

"The extra testing we'll be doing is for pesticide compounds, one of those is DDT -- a compound that has been banned for quite a few years now," Glomski told us.

Many of the compounds they're looking for can stay in the environment for years after use.

The Beaver Creek Reservoir is especially important because it supplies drinking water for Clyde.

"I'm very glad that they're continuing the testing," said Clyde resident Ned McElfresh.

McElfresh is a life-long Clyde resident with two young children of his own. Though, he says the need for answers goes deeper than just his own family. "We have some friends of the family, both their daughter and their son is part of that cluster, so we'd like to see something resolved."

The Ohio EPA will also be testing other bodies of water in the Clyde area of concern to add what ever help they can to the cancer cluster investigation.

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