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GoodNewZ with Andrew Z: Local students save green on salt

Reported by Andrew Z

Posted by Craig Miller

TOLEDO (WTOL)- Some local high schoolers are turning their love of science into an effort to help save some green in the form of grass and money.

Three local students just won a big award thanks to a science fair they weren't sure about in the first place. Becca Funke, Alyse Krausz,And Mark Brahier each recieved a $2,000 savings bond after trying to find a way to avoid a winter problem.

"I was like 'Are you serious?' because it sounded like so much work," Krausz, a Notre Dame freshman, said.

Her classmate agrees.

"We noticed there was a lot of dying grass during the winter seasons so we decided to see which type of salt is best for the grass and which grass would sustain the salt," said Funke.

They put together experiments, collected data, published it on their own website and submitted the project to the u-s army's eCybermission competition.

So what did they find?

Their study shows potassium chloride hurts the grass less and melts ice better, even though it's a little more expensive.

"It's a good long term solution to financial problems and environmental problems," Krausz said.

The experiment is over, but they're hoping to keep the project going with an online survey to find out if the community would support an effort to switch what's used on our streets.

"By taking the survey we can learn what people in the area think about our discovery and hopefully we can make some changes," Brahier, a St. Johns Jesuit freshman.

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