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Rest in Peace, sweet girl: The incredibly courageous Alexa Brown, girl reporter

Sadly, Alexa Brown passed away Thursday, Aug. 6, at 4 a.m. The notice is posted in her blog -- see the link below.

Alexa came into our lives here at WTOL when we began to do stories on what has come to be known as the Cancer Cluster in Clyde, Ohio.

She and her family wanted to share her story so that legislators would learn about the problem -- and do something about it. That determination got the attention of several people in Washington.

Alexa allowed us into her life -- cameras and all. We began a video blog with Alexa when she was heading to Vermont for experimental treatment. When that didn't work out as all had hoped it would, she continued to tell her story from her home.

We are humbled by this small girl's commitment to help others.

Here is a letter from Alexa's father:

You already have the complete background on Alexa's battle with the cancer issue from her website. Read the My Story section to get any details you want to share about the illness.

As far as who she was, there are no words or superlatives that adequately tell the viewing audience how full of love and life she was.

This little girl taught herself to do cartwheels and back walkovers.

She was full of love for every animal that she saw, especially those that were injured. She helped her older sister, Amanda, take an injured baby bunny to a facility that cares for animals so that it could be released back into the wild.

She loved the Outer Banks of NC and referred to the area where our family has stayed year after year as her "beach." She told her mom this year that when we went there this summer she would scoot on her bottom, if she had to, since she lost the use of her legs just a couple of months before the vacation -- and to get up early to see the dolphins. We did not make the trip as she took a turn for the worse a week before we were supposed to leave.

More than anything Alexa loved her family. On the day she took that real turn for the worse she told her mother, Wendy, that she was sorry and that she just wanted to be a normal kid and live a normal life. She also said she was worried her family had to go through this bad stuff with her.

Alexa was always looking out for the  feelings of others. What more can anyone ask for in their child?

Alexa Katherine Brown:  born Feb. 21, 1998

Earned her angel's wings Aug. 6, 2009

You can watch Alexa's videos and read more of her story right here. Just click the attached category "The incredibly courageous Alexa Brown, girl reporter."

Click the attached link to get to Alexa's web site.


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