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GoodNewZ with Andrew Z: Kids helping kids, always a great idea

Reported by Andrew Z

Posted by Craig Miller

TOLEDO (WTOL) -  A local clothing drive is helping out schoolchildren in need.

Intern school psychologist Sue Williamson will only be at Crissey Elementary until the end of the year. But, her Families Helping Families program will probably be around for years. 

By holding a garage sale, local families are making some extra cash, a school outreach program is adding to its bank account, and a new clothing closet to help families in need is getting off the ground.

"I think the Springfield and Holland communities have really jumped on board and I think it's for a great cause," said Williamson.

Volunteers agree that the program is a good one for parents in need.

"The last thing you want is to worry about your children, so if there's a program in place like that it would just take so much stress off me, as a mother, if that was available," said Helen Darrah. "It's kind of like a threefold opportunity: Without the support of the community, the sale wouldn't work, and despite the rain, they all came out to help."

Cheri Copeland, Crissey's principal, hopes it doesn't just help kids in need. She believes it will help all the children in the district.

"As a school we really have two purposes: one to educate children and one to just try to produce good people. I think this program will help us produce good people," Copeland said.


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