Investigation underway surrounding teen's arrest

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TOLEDO, OH  (WTOL) - After being accused of beating a 14-year-old, Toledo police say they are reviewing a video taken of the incident. Video posted on YouTube shows part of what happened next.

The video was recorded by Shari Weems, who lives in the Brand Whitlock Homes in Central Toledo. <<Click here to watch the video on YouTube.>>

Shari runs up to the scene in front of one of the homes, where Toledo Police Department Patrolmen Byron Daniels and Andre Bills are trying to subdue 14-year-old Trevor Casey.

The police report states the officers asked Casey to stop loitering and leave, but they say he refused and it then turned into a full fight.

The report says the 14-year-old struck officer Daniels in the chest and was kicking and trying to break free.

The video shows a bloody Trevor Casey, after being struck by police in the head while trying to subdue him.

Casey was eventually handcuffed and arrested for assaulting an officer. He was treated for a bloody nose and swollen lip.

Trevor's family says he did not resist and the force was excessive and amounts to an abuse of power.

"We know Trevor is not an angel, but he is also not a criminal. What happened on Friday May fifteenth was unacceptable and inexcusable. This event has brought a lot of grief to my family and we just want the truth to be known and justice to be served," says Trevor's brother Vincent Casey.

City council candidate Stephen Ward held a news conference with Trevor's family on Monday.

"We also have some officers that do the city no justice at all. They use the badge and authority of the office to commit crimes. These are the rogues who must quickly be identified and held accountable for their actions," says Ward.

The police report says the teen admitted to smoking marijuana before the incident.

Police Chief Mike Navarre says there's no question he was resisting arrest, it just happened before Shari Weems' started rolling her camera.

Retired Sergeant Richard Murphy says officers are trained to stop someone who's resisting.

"The open hand stun where he probably got the bloody nose and the lip injury, is just normal things that happen. If you resist, you're going to get hurt," says Murphy.

An internal affairs investigation has begun at the Toledo Police Department.

Trevor faces four charges including aggravated assault.

His brother says he is back at home, recovering from his injuries.

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