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Your Day: Monday, May 18th

Daddy Bootcamp:  St. Vincent-Mercy Medical center offers a seminar for new dads.  Here are the days and times they're offered:

Saturday, May 30  9a.m.-Noon at St. V's
Saturday, July 25    9a.m.-Noon  at St. V's
Saturday, September 26   9a.m.-Noon at St. V's
Saturday, October 24    9a.m.-Noon at St. V's
Saturday, December 5 9a.m.-Noon at St. Charles

Call 419-251-2856 for more information.

Hubble Telescope: NASA astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis are wrapping up their fifth and final spacewalk today in attempts to repair the Hubble Telescope. With this upgrade it is hoped that Hubble will be able to operate in orbit for another 10 years. We spoke with astronaut Paul Richards about this mission and what it means to the future of space exploration. For more on NASA and the current Atlantis mission Click Here.

Around Town - The Coffee Shop: In our Around Town segment we like to highlight areas around the Toledo area that are not necessarily new, but they might be new to you. Today we introduced you to The Coffee Shop. It is located at 3555 Navarre Ave, next to Buffalo Wild Wings. For more information on The Coffee Shop give them a call at (419) 698-5282.

Boat Safety: Summer is here and thousands of boaters are hitting the water in the Toledo area. So what do you need to do to be safe on the water this year. Your Day's Tara Hastings joined us life from the U.S. Coast Guard Station with some helpful tips. For more information on Boating Safety Click Here.

Save a Buck - Twitter: Online social media has been a great way for people to stay in touch with friends, family, co-workers and colleagues. Now business are hopping on the bandwagon utilizing sites like Twitter and Facebook to advertise and sell items. With a free Twitter account you can "follow" stores on the network and receive their tweets about exclusive discounts on your phone or computer. Try Twitter yourself by Clicking Here.

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