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Cincinnati trash company expands recycling

Cincinnati trash company expands recycling


CINCINNATI (AP) - As landfills have reached capacity and potential sites for new landfills have become more scarce, trash haulers like Cincinnati-based Rumpke Consolidated have been looking for alternatives.

Rumpke, one of the largest private trash handlers in the nation, has six recycling plants that reclaim 250,000 tons of paper, plastic, glass and metals a year. The company is installing a $5 million system at its recycling facility in suburban St. Bernard to scan, weigh and separate containers by plastic content. Officials say it will allow for handling twice the amount of material and a wider variety of plastics.

Twenty-three plants nationwide use the new technology, which Rumpke plans to add at sites in Dayton, Columbus and Louisville, Ky., over the next several years.

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