Melissa lands job after WTOL-The Blade job fair

By Lauren Lowrey - bio | email 

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - It's been two weeks since the WTOL-The Blade Job Fair, and we're following up with some of the folks who got results.

Meet Melissa Fahrer. "Will you be coming back with us anytime soon?" she asks the customer.

Just one week ago, she started as the new receptionist at Comfort Suites in Perrysburg. She met the people who would become her managers just one week before. "I went to the job fair, and I spoke with them at their booth," she said.

Fahrer adds, "I actually called them, and they said they did want to have an interview with me. I went and had an interview and got a tour of the hotel, and I was impressed. Its not an ordinary hotel."

But the process wasn't that simple. Several thousand people came to the job fair that day. Over 100 submitted resumes to this hotel, alone. Melissa just made an impression.

"She just stood out. We wanted somebody who was really passionate about the hospitality industry. She had a great personality and was really outgoing," Leah Vonewegen with Comfort Suites.

Now she's learning the ropes as well as giving us a tour of the hotel just one week into the job.

"I'm very thankful, actually. I consider myself lucky to actually have a job in something I like doing," said Fahrer.