TPS student arrested for threatening principal

By Lisa Rantala - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - An 11-year-old boy could face nearly two years in lock-up after police say he tracked down his old principal, tried to set her car on fire, and threatened to kill her.

It happened around 7 p.m. Thursday, May 14 at Nathan Hale Elementary School on Upton.

At 10 years old, this pre-teen was charged with his first safe school violation, then was charged with assault in March. For his new charges, he'll stay in lock-up until his trial.

Student Talayah Bragg, who attends a nearby high school, told News 11, "It was maybe four or five police cars right down there in that area." Nathan Hale Elementary School became an unexpected crime scene.

Bragg said, "We were just jogging down the street. He could have shot us."

According to police, an 11 year-old who was recently expelled said he was waiting for Mrs. Richardson, the principal, to leave the school to kill her. They found a pellet gun in his pants, took it away, and cuffed the boy.

That's when the suspect began yelling, "F**** you, Mrs. Richardson, you b****, I'll kill you."

The grandmother of the arrested suspect said, "What I've heard about the principal, he was probably pretty mad. If she got him kicked out of school, he's probably just been holding it in, holding it in."

The boy had also admitted to trying to set the principal's car on fire. Police say he tried to torch it by squirting it with super glue and trying to light it with burning paper towels. It didn't work.

One student told us, "I think he needs some therapy. He needs some help. Eleven, that's really young to think of stuff like that."

Friends of the boy said he often disobeyed authority, even cussing at his own family at age 9. Bragg says thoughts of violence never entered her mind that young and can't believe how common it's become.