Families Coping: Learning and teaching to save money

By Melissa Voetsch email | bio

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

MAUMEE (WTOL) - We're catching up with Candy Huner from Maumee.

The Huners are finding there are many upsides to sharing the challenges of a tough financial year. For Candy, it's a whole new path in life. She's now running frugal spending workshops.

Candy Huner is finding she's not alone during these hard financial times. Everyone at the Rossford Public Library shares her new mission to save money, and they're listening to Candy's tips.

She has always enjoyed finding different ways to save money. "I've been writing a book for 13 years about frugal stuff." The loss of her husband's business a year ago put Candy on the fast track to not only finishing her book, but living it.

She's sharing money saving tips with others like Linda Wenrick, who is participating in the workshop. "My husband's a Chrysler Worker, and he's out of work till who knows what. And who knows, the other shoe might drop, and he might not have a job to go back to," Wenrick told News 11.

Candy's long time hobby is turning into a nationally visited web-site: DealWithItSimply.com.

On it, Candy shares her money saving tips and gets tons of questions. Candy admits she's learning as she goes and embraces a concept she once shunned. "I didn't like coupons. I didn't want to use them. Now, I'm saying it's free money."

Candy says it's not just about grocery-shopping. She tracks deals on family activities like the Toledo Zoo. "When you drop off an ink cartridge, you receive a coupon for 'Buy an adult, get a child free.'"

With no health insurance, Candy shares deals on medications too. "This is their list of free antibiotics," she tells us.

So far, this isn't a money maker for Candy. It's more of an outreach to others going through the same thing she and her family are. "It's cool to help each other out. You don't feel alone."

Right now, Candy says that's worth more than money.