Still no timeline for automating Toledo's trash collection

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The City of Toledo is planning to convert to a citywide automated trash collection service. While we know what type of refuse collectors the city plans to have folks use, no decision has been made about who will be pick up the trash.

This has has many on council demanding answers from the mayor's office.

According to the mayor's office, the automated trash collection trucks are in the future for Toledo. Council recently approved bonding out $9.6 million for the purchase of 200,000 automated trash bins.

A decision hasn't been made about whether city workers or a private company will be picking up the garbage.

Toledo City Councilperson Mike Craig hopes a plan can be implemented soon, so the city can realize some savings this year. He's urging the mayor's office to forward a recommendation to council as soon as possible.

"If you go with the original estimates it'll be much more beneficial to go with the outside provider but we're still in negotiations with local 20," says Craig.

Councilperson Mike Ashford was only member that voted against  buying the trash bins, a vote he defends.

"This is Carty's M-O, let's shoot from the hip and have a plan later on, shoot from the hip as far as automation, saving $3.4 million dollars, but there was never a plan," says Ashford.

The head of the city's solid waste division says the question of whether or not to privatize should be answered within a month.

Media Release:

The City of Toledo Division of Solid Waste has partnered with local businesses to assist citizens in selecting the appropriate sized carts for the forthcoming automated refuse and recycling collection. Grey carts will be used for refuse collection, and blue carts for recycling.  The carts will be available for viewing from Thursday, May 14 through Monday, June 8.

Citizens are requested to visit one of the following locations to view the cart sizes (96 gallon, 64 gallon or 48 gallon) and make their selection:

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  • The Andersons (Monroe & Talmadge)
  • The Toledo Food Center located at 303 Main Street
  • Sunoco Foodmart - 4810 Suder Avenue
  • Walmart - 2925 Glendale
  • Save A Lot - 3030 Monroe in Swayne Field

The City of Toledo recommends selecting both containers in the 96 gallon size provide the most capacity for refuse and recyclable materials.  However, citizens who believe handling or storing the cart will present a problem are urged to visit one of the above locations to select a smaller size. Citizens who do not select a cart size within the viewing time frame will be assigned the default 96 gallon cart. Those unable to visit one of the viewing locations will be able to make their selection online at the City of Toledo's Website ( Citizens who do not wish to participate in the City's recycling program are urged to contact the Division of Solid Waste to ensure no recycling cart is delivered to their home.

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