Teens and severe consequences of cell phone use

ROSSFORD (WTOL) - A Cincinnati family is suing the school district over their daughter's suicide. The couple claim their daughter killed herself after nude photos were sent to her classmates' cell phones.

In the halls of Rossford High, rumors can travel at warp speed because most of the kids own cell phones.

"It was kind of embarrassing at first. People were like, 'Oh is this true? Is this true? I got a text, is this true?' I'm like, 'How did you figure this out so fast?" said senior Jenny Wilson.

She tells us this is how a friend started a rumor about her, and she adds that many of her friends have dealt with the same humiliating situation. "It's everything from who's doing what with who sexually, and things like, 'I heard she does this' and 'I heard she does that'."

Sometimes, it's not what they hear, but what they see. "Recently, I can remember a few pictures of girls being sent around or rumors of people," said senior T.J. Miller.

Many of the students didn't know sending the wrong pic could get them into serious trouble. The superintendent sent a letter home to families in March. It spells out the State of Ohio law that says anyone caught creating and sending nude images of a minor can be jailed on felony charges and forced to register as a sex offender. That includes teenagers under the age of 18, who send nude pics of each other.

While cell phones are banned on school property, Wilson says school rules -- even state laws -- aren't enough to police cyberspace.

Wilson told us, "I think ultimately it comes down to the parents not knowing what they're child is up to. The whole privacy thing, and they try to let their kids go a little bit. But sometimes you have to watch and see what your kids are doing."