Five killed at Iraq clinic remembered

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) - Two military men described as dedicated caregivers to soldiers under stress were among the five people shot to death at a military counseling clinic in Baghdad Monday.

The suspect is identified as 44-year-old Army Sgt. John Russell.

Navy Cmdr. Charles Keith Springle of Wilmington, N.C., was a social worker at the clinic, where the suspect was a patient.

Dr. Matthew Houseal, of Amarillo, Texas, was a psychiatrist and father of 6 and had volunteered to go back to Iraq to help.

The other victims were enlisted soldiers, including Pfc. Michael Yates Jr. of Seaford, Del., who was also being treated at the clinic.

His mother, Shawna Machlinski, says her son had phoned her on Mother's Day and had mentioned the suspect, describing him as someone who's deeply angry at the Army and a man with a lot of "issues."

Machlinski also says she blames the Army for not protecting her son. In her words: "Someone should have helped this sergeant way before he got this bad."

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