Andrew Z to protest teen suspended for attending prom

FINDLAY (WTOL) - A local radio station is protesting the suspension of a high school student in Findlay.

17 year-old Tyler Frost is a senior at Heritage Christian Academy. The private school bans dancing, rock and roll and hand-holding in school and out.

Tyler attended the Findlay High School prom with his girlfriend over the weekend, even though the school said he would be suspended. Tyler was indeed suspended for the remainder of the school year as of Monday, May 11. He is not allowed to attend graduation. He has been instructed to take finals when the school year is over, and he will receive his diploma after that.

On Monday morning, Andrew Z of KISS FM and his morning crew will broadcast a live protest in front of the school.

The station is even planning a "Footloose" style dance competition in honor of Tyler's story, which some say has similarities to the plot of the Kevin Bacon movie "Footloose."