Police zeroing in on bank robber who escaped by bus

By Lisa Rantala - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - The heist happened Thursday morning, May 7 at the Key Bank at North Superior and Madison in downtown.

Take a good look at the man on this TARTA bus. He looks calm talking to the bus driver. Police say he created chaos at the Key Bank about two blocks away.

"He mentioned the fact that he didn't want his family to die or anybody in the bank to die," said Detective Vincent Mauro.

Police say the suspect walked in around 9 a.m., handing the teller a note saying he wanted thousands of dollars in loose bills within 30 seconds. They also tell us the suspect said they'd all die before he went to jail.

Even before he got the cash, his hat and hoody made others feel nervous. Detective Mauro said, "He actually got the attention of another teller when he walked in because he had a hoody and a hat on. The other teller yelled across the lobby for him to take his hat off."

Police say he wore the same clothes in the surveillance video from the bus, and that's how he got away. "He may, in fact, made his getaway on a bus," said Mauro.

Before he got off at Woodruff and Madison, the suspect is seen trying to give the bus driver extra cash. Police believe it's because someone on the bus may have identified him as the robber. They say he may have been trying to bribe his way free.

The local FBI task force says this is the fourth bank robbery in Toledo in the last two weeks. They say the numbers are definitely up, but they say there is no rhyme or reason as to why.

If you can identify the suspect in the surveillance video, you're asked to call CrimeStopper at 419-255-1111. You could be eligible for a reward.