Douglas Rd. residents awake to construction at 3 a.m.

By Colleen Wells - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

TOLEDO (WTOL) - At 3 a.m., construction crews are ripping up the concrete on the Douglas Road bridge.

As you can imagine, the noise is stirring the neighborhood.

"Especially at night," said resident Allison Sniegowski, "It's very loud -- a lot of vibration. It shakes our house, wakes me up, and wakes the baby up, which is not real pleasant. So it has been difficult and very frustrating."

Sniegowski lives a few blocks away from the work. Others are even closer to the major construction project.

If you check in with crews during the day, the construction was much quieter. So why so much work in the middle of the night?

"We are doing very, very dangerous work on Douglas Rd., which involves cutting the concrete, sawing through it, jack hammering through it -- over the actual interstate," O-DOT Spokesperson Theresa Pollick told us.

Crews are demolishing the bridge. Pollick says they'd prefer to do the loud, heavy work during the day, but there's too much traffic on I-475 just below the demo project.

She says they don't want to risk any debris falling onto cars. They would have to shut down the interstate during high traffic time or do the work at night. "Unfortunately, when you have choice between the noise versus safety, obviously to us, we're going to go to the safety option. But we do apologize to all of the residents out there."

When will it end?

Crews have already demolished all of the concrete. Now they have to get rid of the beams. That work will happen overnight, but O-DOT says it should not be as loud. That portion of the job will wrap up within two weeks.

The entire construction project will last until November.