Graduation night includes those reinventing careers

By Joe Stoll - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP (WTOL) - Meet Laura Drouard. She's a mom, a wife and now a former flight attendant. "I hung up my suitcase and bag March 31 of this year," said Laura.

She receives her nursing degree Friday night, May 8.

With such a hectic schedule, how did she ever find time to study? When her feet were off the ground. "As soon as I was done serving all the cokes and sodas and picking up garbage, I'd pull out my note cards and they'd quiz me."

She took one class her first semester and earned an 'A'. Tonight this 41 year-old graduates with honors.

Those who worked closely with Drouard say she was a phenomenal student in here. That's why two of her instructors and someone anonymous nominated her to be the class speaker.

"I think she's just a success story. I think she shows to people you're never to old to learn. Come back and change your careers," said Cindy Hall.

Hall has no doubt Drouard made the right choice. "She just has that charisma that I think is great with nursing. She's a hard worker and genuinely cares for people."

Laura will be the speaker at the graduation. "I'm just worried I'm going to get my speeches mixed up. Good evening ladies and gentleman, welcome aboard, I mean welcome."

Now, this soon-to-be graduate hopes she can land her first job.