UPDATED: 2 TPS schools recommended to close

By Tanieya Lewis - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

(WTOL) - One by one, moms marched to the Toledo Public School district headquarters, hoping their words would save their kids schools.

"They need to pay attention to things that matter, instead of trying to uproot my son to a different school," said Alexandra Davis.

Renita Easley told us, "My thing is: Fix up the schools in the neighborhoods where they're at."

Fulton and Nathan Hale recommended to close

Each mom has children with special needs that either attend Fulton Elementary or Nathan Hale. The two schools will close next school year if superintendent John Foley's plan to deal with a $10 million budget hole passes.

"They're going to be going to new schools that were built. They were built in close proximity to where the old schools will be closing," said Bob Vasquez.

According to the plan, Fulton kids would be split up between Rosa Parks and Glenwood Elementary Schools.

Nathan Hale kids would go to King.

"King is not that far away from me, but I don't want my kids to go over there. I want my kids right where they are, right now," Easley told us.

The school closings only save the district about $1.1 million. More than half of the savings will come from job cuts: 116 positions across the district are at stake, 88 of them are teacher jobs.

Superintendent Foley told News 11, "Nearly 50 teachers have identified that they will be retiring, so many of those teachers will be able to fall into other positions. It's certainly never a one-to-one match, in terms of that, but we're hopeful we can keep our employees here."

Public Meeting

Not only will Foley have to continue to face union leaders. On May 13, he'll hear from more parents in a public meeting.

The school board is expected to vote on the plan, May 15.

Libbey will remain open

One bright note in the superintendent's proposal is that Libbey High is off the chopping block, at least for now. Administrators say they were able to find savings without closing the high school. Dramatic drops in student enrollment have put the school at risk for many years.

The superintendent and school board members agree that they have to come up with a plan for that school.

"What I'm asking our district to look at is why people leave the district. What type of significant changes do we need to make in our daily lives here at Toledo Public Schools to keep our students here?," said TPS Board Member Darlene Fisher.

The school has 600 kids enrolled. Foley says that's down from 800-900 kids five years ago.