Competition fierce for youth stimulus jobs

By Tanieya Lewis - bio | email

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

LUCAS COUNTY (WTOL) - Competition is heating up for summer jobs. Applications are pouring into The Source for the stimulus summer youth employment program.

A two-and-a-half page application is all that stands between James Norwood and the potential to earn $1500.  "I've got a son on the way, and I hope to be supporting him by the summer," said Norwood.

He could really use one of the 1,000 summer jobs that will soon open up in Lucas County thanks to a $2.3 million stimulus boost. Gabrielle Seay at The Source says his competition is stacking up. "We anticipate receiving hundreds and hundreds more. I wouldn't be surprised if we have 3000 applications by the end of this process."

Pay attention to details, like when they ask for your last name first, and first name last.

Most importantly, fill in all of the blanks, especially where it asks for household income, because the program is income-based. "You have to ask your parents' income for the past six months. Do an estimation, just so on your application, that you look like you're eligible for the program," said Seay.

It even asks about barriers you've faced trying to get past jobs. Be honest so people like Seay can help you get the right job. "Be ready to go and willing to learn," she says.

For now, the wait is on. Norwood turned in his application today. "They said they were going to give me a call, so hopefully they'll give me a call," he tells us.

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