BG residents reject cell phone ban

Bowling Green residents have rejected the proposed cell phone ban, which would have, if passed, made it illegal to talk on a cell phone while driving.
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Tuesday's report

Reported by Justin Michaels email

Posted by Kate Oatis email

BOWLING GREEN (WTOL) - A cell phone call made by a person behind a steering wheel could soon be illegal in Bowling Green.

On Tuesday, several folks spoke out about the proposal, including BG residents Vicki and George Carver, who voted against driving and talking at the same time.

"We've lived here about two-and-a-half years, and we see a lot of cell phone usage and we feel it would be a good idea to ban it," said Vicki Carver.

By the way, the ban isn't just on talking; it covers texting and dialing, too.

Over at BGSU, many students are studying hard -- and, as it turns out, this population has plenty of opinions about this topic.

We caught up with Jaimee Stoner about 20 ft. from the university polling place. She didn't know it was election day but said she's against the ban.

"Today, everybody corresponds through cell phones and actually this morning I was talking to a fellow student from my class and we were corresponding about a final," Stoner said.

Student Kate Kervin takes a different view of the issue.

"I definitely think that cell phones are a huge distraction,"she said. "I think a lot of accidents are caused by cell phones."

If approved, the ban could go into effect in 30 days.