Bedford voters to decide development fight

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BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - Today's special election vote could put an end to a fight over land some say could become home to a Super Walmart.

There are signs in many front yards asking voters to turn down a zoning change on Lewis near Sterns in Bedford Township. Jon Whitman of Whitman Ford owns the property.

Some of the land has always been commercial, but much of it was residential until a township vote last December. Now voters decide whether they want to reverse back to residential zoning or keep it the way it is.

Some folks think a Walmart would bring increased crime and traffic. Others disagree and say Walmart could benefit the community.

"We do need jobs. We do need commerce here and for too long we've allowed our township to not really grow," says Larry Walling who voted for the rezoning.

John Whitman says Walmart approached him some time ago about his land. He says he's willing to pick up and move his dealership if the price is right.

"We can be just as successful a mile down the road or a half a mile down the road as we can right here," says Whitman.

Whitman says he's not heard from Walmart in about a year.

While residents have the final say in how the land will be zoned, this might not be the end of Walmart in Bedford Township.

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