News 11 towing investigation may spark city changes

TOLEDO (WTOL) - On May 3, News 11's Jonathon Walsh completed an investigative report called Toledo's Tow Trap.

Within a week, Toledo City Council leaders say they will consider changing city policy that charges stolen car victims extra fees to recover their car.

The city's assistant law director says the extra fees cover the cost of doing business. He says Toledo's fees fall in the middle of what many other cities collect.

Councilman Tom Waniewski says we don't pay as we go for other services like police calls or fire department responses. "That added fee, I think there could be an argument that's part of the tax dollars that you've already been paying Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer."

Committee Chair Michael Collins says he'll consider further dropping some fees for crime victims or eliminating fees for those without the extra insurance. Another option is to have police inform car owners what exactly the individual fees are before doing the tow. That puts the decision on the owners of the cars.