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Your Day: Tuesday, May 5th

Kindergarten Donations: Youngsters at Manor Elementary in Monroe Michigan are going the extra mile to help out our four legged friends. They are raising money for the area Humane Society. Today we were live with them as they "paraded" the donations down to the Humane Society. This event is a huge success. For more information on events Manor Elementary School and the Monroe School District Click Here.

Fashion Finds: Are you looking for a great deal on summer fashions. Then look no further than the Westfield Franklin Park Mall. We headed out to the mall to put together some great outfits on a tight budget. For more information on the Westfield Franklin Park Mall and the great deals that can be found inside Click Here.

Corporal Punishment in School: In our Hot Talk segment today we talked about Corporal Punishment. Do you think it should be allowed in our nations schools? South Carolina principal David Nixon says a wooden paddle has turned his rural elementary from what one teacher called "chaos" into an award winning school. Nixon asks every parent if they'll allow their student to be spanked. While not everyone agrees with the method, parents say the change never would have happened without the paddle. Nixon believes the punishment is an immediate response to bad behavior and it's only used as a last resort. For more information on corporal punishment Click Here.

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